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San Pedro de Atacama has a high altitude desert climate characterized by abrupt changes of temperatures, strong winds intense solar radiation, scarce rainfall (35mm annual average) and great temperature oscillations between day and night.

In summer (December to March) although the temperature fluctuates between 25-30°C during the day and 16°C during the night, the sun nears the Tropic of Capricorn, causing radiation and strong evaporation, provoking sometimes rains and electric storms.

During the winter (June to August) the weather is very dry, it seldom rains the days are pleasantly cool with temperatures around the 20°C, nights are cold with an average temperature 4°C and often drops below freezing. Sandstorms can sometimes occur.

Don’t forget that we are reaching some nights an altitude of 4100m. The temperatures can then easily fall until -10°C during winter time.


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